Marine Corps Ditches PSYOPS Acronym

Recently the Marine Corps’ top decision makers have decided to change the term “PSYOPS” used to describe “psychological operations”,  to MISO which stands for “military information support operations.” These changes which will be reflected in all Marine Corps manuals and literature should be completed by September 30th 2012.

According to the Marine Corps Times,”Psychological operations, as a mission, will continue. But you can’t call it ‘psyops.’ Instead, Marines will use the term MISO, which stands for “military information support operations.”

On December 3rd, 2010 a memo from then Defense Secretary Robert Gates directed the switch to MISO for all services within the Department. The Corps made the formal announcement of the new terminology in “Marine administrative message”(MARADMIN) 715/11, posted Dec. 12. Gates had wanted services to implement changes by Sept. 30, 2012. The Corps attributed its delay in releasing the MARADMIN to “ensuring a smooth transition across the service.”

Corps To Marines: Don’t say “psyops”

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